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Company Policies

Company Mission:

To provide the world with high quality parts for Classic GM Muscle Cars and other vehicles. We stock everything "From the pedal to the metal!"

Store Hours:

The Parts Place Inc. is open Monday thru Friday 9:00am - 5:30pm CST and Saturday 9:00am - 1:00pm CST. We are closed Sundays and major holidays.

Sales Tax: 

Illinois residents are required to pay the appropriate sales tax. Orders shipped outside of Illinois are exempt from sales tax. Due to regular variations in Illinois sales tax, rates are subject to change without notice. This 8% tax is applied to the invoice of all Illinois residents. Business located in Illinois can use their tax resale number to be exempt from sale tax as long as their business is in an automotive field.

Shipping Terms:

Please do not submit an order if you are not ready to have your order picked and shipped out. We try to ship the most economical way possible. That said due to the various shapes, sizes, and weights of parts, our site cannot determine an accurate shipping cost until the order is packaged up, weighed, and dimensions taken. When possible; we will save you money by putting all items in the same box. Your credit card will be pre-authorized 20% of your cart total to account for shipping (up to $250 max depending on size of your order, 40% out of the country). You will be “charged” the actual shipping amount once calculated by our shipping department; which could less or more than pre-authorized amount.

Tracking information will be emailed to you upon shipment. We always ship the most economical way possible (unless specified by you in the note section) and charge the actual shipping charge provided by the shipper. We ship USPS, UPS, and Speedee(if available). Depending on size of order your shipment may go truck freight. If this is the case we choose from the list of different freight carriers to get you the best rate (see below). All orders are fully insured for the total cost on the invoice. Keep in mind that large items get billed at UPS oversized rates, even though they may not weigh a lot. These items include spoilers, bumpers, package trays, molded hood pads, wheel housings, rocker panels, wheel well moldings, etc. Some small items will get shipped out US mail with delivery confirmation. Note that UPS next day air and second day air shipping is available upon request, but greatly effects the shipping cost. The Parts Place Inc. is not responsible for delays after your package has left our facility, that falls on the shipping company. If shipping with an expedited service we will work with the shipping company on your behalf to get your expedited shipping costs credited according to the shippers policies, but there are no guarantees. This also applies to lost shipments, we will file the claim for you and refund you once the claim is approved. No refunds will be made without the shipping company's approval.

Items that must ship truck freight, for example: doors, hoods, fenders, quarter panels, floor pans, etc. are too large to ship conventionally. We ship these items with the carrier that provides the best rate to your zip code, shipping cost to a business address averages between $180.00 - $250.00, depending on how far you are from us it could even be more. Residential shipping is available but costs about $40.00-50.00 more.

The Parts Place Inc. is not responsible for any extra shipping costs for out of the country orders - ie: taxes or duties. The customer is responsible for the extra fees; this is something your country requires, not something on our side.

Cancellations and Additions to Previous Orders:

Please understand that orders are printed in batches and not always handled by the same parts puller. We have a 75,000 square foot warehouse and your order will touch multiple hands before leaving. This means that even if you place a second order minutes after your first order they may not ship together.  This is also true when trying to phone in additional parts to be added to an existing order. This also goes for cancellations. In the interest of getting orders shipped out quickly and efficiently; we cannot spend time running through the warehouse hunting down your order. We will try our best to combine when possible, but this not always a given.  For drop ship orders please see additional information below.


The invoice located in the packing slip of your order will show any items that were out of stock at the time of shipping. The unavailable items will be placed on back order unless otherwise specified on your order form or verbally to a sales representative when placing your order by phone. Back orders are shipped as the products arrive at our warehouse without prior notification. As a courtesy we will try to contact the customer if the part on backorder is more than 90 days old. If you receive your original order and you wish to cancel a back order, please notify our sales department immediately. The customer will be responsible for outbound and inbound freight charges if the back order is cancelled or returned after the items are shipped.

Drop Shipments:

Some items must be drop shipped directly from the manufacturer. These include special order items such as wire harnesses, interior door panels, floor mats, seat covers, carpet, etc. We do stock some common colors such as black or white, but most colors are special order on interior items. In other instances we may drop ship items that we ran out of to speed up the process of getting you the parts you need. Drop shipped items are processed the same day, but sometimes may take a little longer to arrive generally 7-10 days. Please be patient; some of these items must be custom made to your specifications when they are ordered and make take up to 4 or more weeks. Please note that a fee may apply if you wish to cancel your drop shipment after production has started. Please contact our sales department with any concerns.

Discontinued Parts:

Availability of all items in this catalog are subject to change without notice, especially NOS and used parts. We reserve the right to discontinue products, services or accessories without notice. NOS parts do not carry any warranty.


We ask that you check the contents of parts order upon delivery to assure all parts ordered were received and undamaged. If any item(s) are missing, be sure to check that the item(s) are not marked as discontinued, drop shipped or back ordered on your invoice. If a shortage has occurred, contact our customer service department within 5 days of delivery to assure a prompt replacement. We assume no responsibility after this period.


Always check your order when it comes in; should any damage occur immediately notify us so that we can ensure a prompt replacement order is sent out. Accurate instructions will be given on damaged parts replacement. We are not responsible if notification is not given within 5 working days of delivery of goods. With freight orders it is imperative that you check the contents of your shipment in the presence of the person delivering the merchandise. In the event of damage and with your refusal, we will file a claim with the carrier in most cases and send replacement parts. If you sign for a freight shipment without checking for damages only to find out later that you have damaged parts you are responsible for filing a claim with the freight company. Once a freight order is signed for it means you received the parts free and clear(without damage, even if noted otherwise). You are then responsible for filing the claim. When a customer files a claim with the carrier, we will not be responsible for replacing damaged products and the customer will be responsible to pay for any replacements until the carrier pays the claim. Please follow these instructions to avoid any problems or misunderstandings associated with damaged products and freight claims.


Pricing is subject to change without notice. While we try to ensure accuracy, we reserve the right to correct any errors in pricing or descriptions, and to cancel or refuse to accept any order based on an incorrect price or description. We cannot control the prices of stock orders coming to fill back orders. Such corrections or cancellations may be made even after an order is accepted. Again, all prices are subject to change.


Items purchased from our retail store may be returned for a full refund within 30 days of receipt. After 30 days will return will be applied as store credit. Absolutely no returns after 90 days of receipt. After 30 days, if credit is wanted back on card there will be a 25% handling fee applied to the refund, credit back to the card after 30 days must be setup before item(s) are sent back. Refund will be applied using the same payment method as the original purchase. Refund cannot be applied to a different card than originally used. Items must be returned in their original packaging and must be in a re-sellable condition. No refunds on NOS, special order, electrical or used items. No refunds on paint - unless defective. No refunds on shipping. Absolutely no returns without prior authorization. No returns without a copy invoice included.

In Store Credits:

In store credits are good for up to two years from the date of the return, after two years they are void.

Gift Cards:

Gift cards are available for purchase on our website; to order, simply select any car/year and search "gift card". Gift cards are valid for 24 months from purchase date.


All refused orders will be subject to a restocking fee. As a courtesy we will try contacting the customer; if we are unable to get a hold of the customer within 2 days, we will consider the entire order cancelled and refund the customer. The customer will be billed a 25% restocking plus all freight charges to and from your destination. Contact our sales department for more information.


Most of the parts we sell have 12 month 12,000 mile warranty, there are some exceptions. For example: NOS and discontinued parts do not carry any warranty. It is purchasers obligation to return the product to us, along with the original sales receipt as proof of purchase. We will forward the parts to the original manufacturer for inspection, repair or replacement. We cannot simply do an exchange on a warranted part, it must be approved by the manufacturer. Parts purchased as an assembly must be returned complete, buyer should not disassemble or attempt to repair assembly on their own. Subsequent replacements under the warranty will receive the balance of the original warranty period. 

This warranty does not cover:

Damage or failure due to negligence, alteration, accident, abuse, improper installation, or use for a purpose which the product is not designed. 

Products that are replaced as part of normal maintenance or wear out.

Vehicles used for racing and other competitions.

Labor costs incurred for inspection, removal or reinstallation.

Damage due to the lack of maintenance or use of wrong fuel, oil, refrigerant or lubricants.

Damage or failure due to system contamination.

Loss of time, inconvenience, loss of use of the vehicle or other consequential damages.

Shipping reimbursement to get the part back to us or any expedited shipping costs to send replacement.

Fitment Issues:

The Parts Place Inc. is not responsible for part fitment issues due to non-factory, aftermarket parts or speed equipment being installed on the customers vehicle. Our parts unless noted are meant for factory applications. The Parts Place will not be responsible for any shipping (original or return) if the parts ordered do not fit due to non-factory equipment being previously installed on the vehicle.


In regards to sheet metal panels:

Sheet metal panels are inspected and cautiously packaged to protect against damage that may occur during shipment. However, sheet metal panels may have scratches, dings, small dents or other minor stamping imperfections which are considered normal characteristics due to the mass production and shipping of these parts. These minor imperfections are simply corrected during the filling, priming and sanding phases of your sheet metal installation. We do not consider dings, scratches, minor dents or other stamping imperfections on the sheet metal to be defects in the panel nor are they considered damaged. All sheet metal panels require preparation and manipulation during installation. These cars were never show cars from the factory so it may take a little bit of work to get it to fit exactly how you want it by today's standards. GM replacement & service parts never fit exact out of the wrapper either.

In regards to fiber glass panels:

Fiber glass panels are inspected and cautiously packaged to protect against damage that may occur during shipment. However, fiber glass panels may have chips, gouges, waves, cracks or other minor imperfections which are considered normal characteristics due to the production and shipping of these parts. These minor imperfections are simply corrected during the filling, priming and sanding phases of your fiber glass installation. We do not consider chips, gouges, waves, cracks or other minor imperfections on the fiber glass to be defects in the panel nor are they considered damaged. All fiber glass panels require preparation and manipulation during installation.

In regards to other parts in general:

Please remember that the original manufacturer never intended your car to be a show car. These cars were mass produced and parts may not have fit perfectly back when the car was new. Stainless and aluminum moldings had stamping marks, chrome parts had imperfections and pits right off the show room floor. Today we hold these cars up to a different standard and purpose than they were original intended. GM replacement & service parts never fit exact out of the wrapper either. That being said parts may not fit exactly how you imagine they would. They may need some tweaking, trimming or modification to fit exactly how you want.   Now keep in mind this modification should be nothing major. If a part seems like it is going to take a lot to make it fit, please stop and contact our sales department for further instruction.

Test fitting:

We recommend test fitting panels and parts prior to final installation or paint. Minor modifications such as elongating mounting holes, shimming, etc. may be necessary and are considered normal when installing sheet metal or fiber glass parts. Interior parts may require trimming and or dying/painting to match existing pieces. It is also possible that parts from a different year have been installed over the course of it life. It is important to note that collision damage can tweak bodies and frames out of original spec, causing body panel alignment issues. Uni-body vehicles (no frame) can be affected by even the most minor accidents, causing panel alignment problems. Take into consideration that tolerances on older vehicles are not nearly as precise as newer cars and trucks. All of these factors can cause issue with the fitment of your new reproduction parts to your car. Sometimes there no such thing as a direct fit part when it comes to older vehicles. Especially in regards to body panels.

Color matching:

Due to offering items from different manufacturers slight color variations may occur especially with interior products. Slight color variations do not constitute a defect. Therefore, products do not constitute return due to color differences. When buying multiple interior items we suggest buying the coordinating interior spray dye to help offset difference in colors. This also holds true for other components and we carry a full line of restoration paint to help color match pieces; such as for wheels, grilles, under hood parts, etc. If you are worried about color matching and the options for blending various parts together please contact our sales department and we can get you pointed in the right direction.

For best results, hire a professional to install the parts:

We in no way are saying that you can't install most parts by yourself. We enjoy working on our classic cars also. But sometimes certain parts may require a professional fitment and installation. We recommend hiring a professional for body panel installation and painting. You may find out that other areas of your restoration need a professional installation too, such as interior replacement or suspension rebuilding. A professional has the knowledge, experience, and skills to fit and install the replacement parts on your vehicle properly.

Items purchased from our retail store may be returned for a full refund within 30 days of receipt. After 30 days there will be a 25% handling fee applied to the refund. Absolutely no returns after 90 days of receipt. Refund will be applied using the same payment method as the original purchase. Refund cannot be applied to a different card than originally used. Items must be returned in their original packaging and must be in a re-sellable condition. No refunds on NOS, special order, electrical or used items. No refunds on paint - unless defective. No refunds on shipping. Absolutely no returns without prior authorization. No returns without a copy invoice included.

Payment options:

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express for your convenience. When placing your order by credit card, be sure to indicate the card holder's name, address, home phone, business phone, credit card number and expiration date and billing address (if different from person placing order). The security code is required for credit card purchases. Our minimum order is $25.00, no exceptions. When picking up an order from our store physically, the card must be present. We cannot take a card over the phone for an order being picked up. This protects both the consumer and us from fraud. Once an order is placed and billed we cannot change your payment option, no exceptions. IE: you accidentally paid with the wrong card, or meant to use a different means of payment. You authorized the original charge and once shipped it can not be reversed. 

Sorry but we do not ship C.O.D.!

Privacy Policy:

We are dedicated to making your online shopping with us an enjoyable and safe experience.

We only use the information gathered from you to process your order. Please see below the steps on how your information is collected and used.

Collection and Use of Information:

When submitting your order we need your name, address, telephone number, credit card information (orders only), and e-mail address. We only use this information to place your order. In some cases we may need contact you for information regarding your order. We also use your email address to send online information about new products and online sales. If you do not want to receive these e-mails please click the link in one of the promotional emails to remove yourself from the list. We respect your privacy, we will never share your personal and private information with other people or sell your email address to third party websites.

Google Analytics Data Policy: 

We use Google Analytics software to track the performance of certain web pages and forms on our site. For more info visit

Protecting Your Information:

We maintain security measures to protect your personal and private information stored on our systems. All user information is stored on secure networks. These networks are only accessible by a limited number of employees who have agreed to comply with company policy on privacy and security. For more information please visit

About Website SSL Certificates:

All registration and order information is transmitted via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology and is encrypted by the software before the information is sent across the Internet. VeriSign, Inc has certified is a secure network for e-commerce transactions. Please be sure that your browser is SSL-enabled. In order to view our site the way it was intended we recommend that you use the following browsers to avoid rendering issues, Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0+, Mozilla Firefox 3.0+, Chrome 8.0+, and Safari 3.0+. For optimum security you should always upgrade your browser software to the latest version.

Links to Directing Other Sites:

Our web site may contain links to other sites to help provide information or social media to our customers across the world, such as FaceBook or Twitter. These sites may require you to input information for their data collection purposes. These sites should have separate privacy and data collection practices, independent of The Parts Place Inc. We have no responsibility or liability for these independent website policies or actions and is not responsible for the privacy practice or the content on these sites.

Update of Policy: 

We maintain the rights to modify, or update this policy statement at any time. All changes will be reflected on this page and it is the customer's responsibility to review this page and to be aware of any changes to the privacy policy. Thank you for taking the time to read our privacy statement. If you have any questions or concerns please contact our sales department.