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Have a question or concern? Feel free to browse our Frequently Asked Questions

Does The Parts Place Inc. ship out of the country?

Yes, we do!  We ship to Canada and all over the world.

Why won't you accept an order under $25?

Sorry, but if you take in to consideration all work it takes to actually put an order through you would realize that it isn't cost effective for us or even you the consumer. Your order goes through 5 different people before it actually ships out. One person downloads the order, another picks it, another checks the order, a different person packs and then there is the one that actually invoices it and ships it out. It isn't cost effective for you the consumer either, minimum shipping charge is $5, so if you are ordering a $3 sunvisor bushing kit you are paying more in shipping than the actual part itself. We don't like unhappy customers, but we are sure you can come up with a few more things that you may need to meet our requirement.

I have received my order but I am missing a part marked as dropship, what does that mean?

Some items must be drop shipped directly from the manufacturer. These include special order items such as wire harnesses, interior door panels, floor mats, seat covers, carpet, etc. We do stock some common colors such as black or white, but most colors are special order on interior items. In other instances we may drop ship items that we ran out of to speed up the process of getting you the parts you need. Drop shipped items are processed the same day, but sometimes may take a little longer to arrive generally 7-10 days. Please be patient; some of these items must be custom made to your specifications when they are ordered and make take up to 4 weeks. Please contact our sales department with any concerns.

I received my order and I am missing an item(s), what should I do?

We ask that you check the contents of parts order upon delivery to assure all parts ordered were received and undamaged. If any item(s) are missing, be sure to check that the item(s) are not marked as discontinued, drop shipped or back ordered on your invoice. If a shortage has occurred, contact our customer service department within 5 days of delivery to assure a prompt replacement. We assume no responsibility after this period.

I am interested in a part that is marked as NOS, what does this mean?

The term NOS stands for New Old Stock, meaning that this is an orginal part made by GM, Ford or Mopar; or the company that originally made it for them and it has never been installed on a vehicle.

I see you have part listed as OEM, what does this mean?

OEM for us means that the part we are selling is made exactly like original.  This is not a universal part that may fit other models.  This fits your vehicle exactly the way the original manufacturer intended it to!

I have a part I ordered that I didn't end up using, can I send it back?

Products may be returned for a full refund, credit or exchange within 30 days of delivery(minus shipping and does not apply to used, NOS or special order items). All returns after 30 days are subject to a 25% restocking fee. All parts must be returned in their original packaging and must be in a re-sellable condition. They must also be accompanied by a copy of the original invoice. Should you need to return a part for refund, exchange or credit, please contact our sales department for instructions on how to go about your return. We will not accept returned goods without prior authorization. The customer is responsible for shipping charges on all return orders.

I tried phoning but there was no answer, what are your hours of operation?

The Parts Place Inc. is open Monday thru Friday 9:00am - 5:30pm CST and Saturday 9:00am - 1:00pm CST. We are closed Sundays and major holidays.

I live in Illinois will there be tax on my order?

Unfortunately all Illinois residents are required to pay the appropriate sales tax, unless you are a business with an Illinois resale number. Orders shipped outside of Illinois are exempt from sales tax. Due to regular variations in Illinois sales tax, rates are subject to change without notice. This 8% tax is applied to the invoice of all Illinois residents. It should also be noted that if you are a resident of Illinois but picking up parts at our store you are still required to pay tax. 

I received my order and something is damaged, what should I do?

Always check your order when it comes in; should any damage occur immediately notify us so that we can ensure a prompt replacement order is sent out. Accurate instructions will be given on damaged parts replacement. We are not responsible if notification is not given within 5 working days of delivery of goods. With freight orders it is imperative that you check the contents of your shipment in the presence of the person delivering the merchandise. We will file a claim with the carrier in most cases and send replacement parts. If you sign for a freight shipment without checking for damages only to find out later that you have damaged parts you are responsible for filing a claim with the freight company. Once a freight order is signed for it means you received the parts free and clear(without damage). If the customer files a claim with the carrier, we will not be responsible for replacing damaged products and the customer will be responsible to pay for any replacements until the carrier pays the claim. Please follow these instructions to avoid any problems or misunderstandings associated with damaged products and freight claims.

How long has The Parts Place Inc. been in business?

We have been serving the muscle car industry since 1990. We are the Nation's largest supplier of restoration and replacement pars for your car or truck "from the pedal to the metal!".  We started out with GM muscle cars, but have branched out other makes and models, and we even do later model cars and trucks. We have a huge inventory of Reproduction parts for all of your favorite vehicles. We also make many of the parts ourselves; so you can skip the middle man and buy directly from the source.

I don't see and item I am looking for on your site, does that mean it isn't available?

It is very possible that we do have what you are looking for or we can order it in.  The Parts Place is constantly developing new products ourselves. The market is also changing daily and it is hard to keep up with. Please contact our sales department if you don't see what you are looking for and we can see if we can help you out.

I live close enough to drive out, can I pick up my parts in DeKalb and should I order in advance?

Yes, we have a showroom that is attached to our 70,000 square foot warehouse and should have most of what you are looking for in stock.  However if there is something(s) you are looking for imparticular to be instock it may be a good idea to inquire before driving out.  There are also some items that do require being special ordered that we may not have stock, this includes some fiberglass items, wiring harnesses, fuel and brake lines, and also certain interior items just to name a few.  With the exception of the fiberglass body panels most of these special order items can be paid for instore and shipped directly to you from the manufacturer.

Where can I find coupon or promotional codes for your website?

We try to keep our prices low to begin with but occasionally we do run online sales.  The best way to stay on top of this is to sign up on our websites homepage for specials.  Also be sure to like us on FaceBook for even more promotions, news, and product give-aways.

I am having trouble installing a part I purchased from you, do you have a technical department?

We do not have a technical department per se, but we have been around long enough to have a general unsderstading of how things work.  We also enjoy driving and working on cars ourselves, so chances are we can talk you through or at least point you in the right direction because we have been there before.

I found an item cheaper elsewhere, do you price match?

We try to have the lowest prices possible.  Please let us know if something seems completely different than what another company may have their part listed at and we can see if this is something we need to adjust. Keep in mind that we may not always be able to give  you a lower price or even match a price.  Sometimes pricing varies depending on quality, a lower price isn't always the best deal when quality is sacrificed.

The Parts Place used to carry used parts, but it seems they are gone, is that true?

Yes, we no longer sell used items. When we were purchased by Classic Industries they decided they did not want us selling used parts and only wanted to deal with new and reproduction parts. 

Do you have catalogs that you mail out?

We used to, but we stopped printing them.  Why, might you ask? The catalogs go out of date as soon as they are printed. We are constantly making new parts, so as soon as we print them they are missing parts.  Also prices may change causing discrepancies between the printed catalog and the online catalog. Because of this we have equipped our website with multiple ways to search for parts including one that lets you flip pages like a printed catalog, while still allowing you to add parts to your cart.

Can I pay for parts ahead of time and have someone else pick them up?

Unfortunately no. This is due to credit card fraud, we physically have to have the card on site to insert into the card machine with chip, we also have to verify that you are who you say you are.  There are no exceptions to this rule, it protects the card holder and is a requirement of the credit card processing company.

Why can't I talk to someone over the phone about my eBay or Amazon purchase?

Simply put the retail sales people do not have the credentials to log into either of those third party websites to look up your order to speak intelligently about any questions you may have.  Also both eBay and Amazon prefer contact directly through their website, so than can see how their sellers work to resolve issues with their customers. 

Does The Parts Place sell gift cards?

Gift cards are available for purchase on our website; to order, simply select any car/year and search "gift card". Gift cards are valid for 24 months from purchase date.